The 5 Elements Mandala & Tantric Psychology 



An experiential weekend of Shiva/Shakti embodiment practices that increase your power, presence, stillness & bliss; including mantra, mudra, subtle body anatomy, meditation & many other fundamental tantric practices from the Kaula Tantra tradition. “Kaula” means the entire cosmos, embodied in the form.

5 Elements & Emotions Mandala Lecture

Friday, Oct 28th, 7:30-9:30PM 

Cost: $25 (or $208 for whole weekend)

Emotional reactivity is the fastest way the human body is depleted of its life force (aka “prana” – the energy needed to refine consciousness). Without a spacious mind and emotional stability, all the energy cultivated through yoga postures, breathing, and mantra gets caught in a constant cycle of repletion/depletion, and thus, the body-mind cannot stabilize heightened levels of consciousness. In this introductory talk, we uncover the fundamental root fears and elemental forces at play behind anger, jealousy, pride, addiction, overwhelm, and fragmentation (plus the entire spectrum of all emotions!); and learn how to transform these powerful energies-in-motion (e-motion) into insight, trust, joy, generosity, compassion, wonder & totality.


This Talk Is For Anyone Who’d Like To:

~ Gain a map for recognizing & navigating the emotional reaction patterns in your life

~ Understand yourself better and identify key fears that limit the free energy within

~ Recognize and make use of the elemental forces behind your emotions for your self-evolution


Ongoing Studies: This teaching is an introduction to a 7-month “Yoga of Mind: 5 Elements & The Emotions Mandala” Individual + Online Tantric Sadhana Intensive Program Amanda is offering beginning on Jan 1st, 2017, as well as an intro to a 5-part Tantra yoga workshop series called “Cultivating Emotional Intelligence”, coming to Noorish in February 2017. Come join this talk if you are interested in a committed, individualized Tantric Immersion program for yourself in the new year!

The Power Practices: Working with Shakti

Sat Oct 29th,  3:30pm – 9:30PM

Cost: $108 (or $208 for whole weekend)

Saturday’s workshop begins by deepening our understanding of Friday evening’s teaching, exploring the relationship between Shiva & Shakti, the Feminine and Masculine Principles of Consciousness, and dispelling the purely sexual understanding of Tantra. Afterwards, our time together will focus on approachable and applicable energy practices of Shakti (playing with form), including a study and practice of the placement of the matrika (matrix) of Shakti, power, in the subtle body through the Sanskrit alphabet – all are practices that increase your levels of vitality (prana), access your power, and strengthen your capacity to relate deeply and intimately with the world around you. Also, learn how to work with the horizontal energy fields, which are about being in a lively and connected relationship with life!


What Will You Receive?

~ An understanding of the relationship between projection/reflection, power/presence, light/vibration/sound, central, internal “I AM” awareness vs. peripheral, external “I AM THAT” relational-awareness

~ Deeper ability to feel subtle energy in your body

~ Cultivation of healthy energetic (pranic) boundaries

~ A journey through each of your energetic centres & cleansing of the subtle body (Chakras)

~ Understand the movement of both the ascent and descent of consciousness in the subtle body

~ Introduction to the creation matrix, the Sanskrit Alphabet (Akshara Mala, The Matrika/Matrix of Shakti)

~ A deeper, more intrinsic and intimate connection to life in general!

The Stillness Practices: Essence of Shiva

Sun Oct 30th, 3:30-9:30PM

Cost: $108 (or $208 for whole weekend)

Sunday afternoon is an exploration into and understanding of the vertical energy field – about being in deep relationship with yourself as pure consciousness. Establish yourself in Emptiness, Space, and the Formless – the Essence of Shiva. You will learn simple and accessible meditation techniques to take home with you, mantras and mudras that place you deeply in the resonance of Shiva – of stillness, presence, and “I AM” awareness. Learn traditional Kaula tantra practices that clear the central channel (Shusuma nadi – where consciousness enters the body), in order to harness and stabilize consciousness into the body.


What Will You Receive?

~ The Tandava (Shiva’s Dance)

~ Shiva mantras & techniques to clear the central channel

~ Tools to become less reactive in your daily life

~ Simple meditation techniques that cultivate your capacity for stillness and presence inside yourself

~ Establishment of your sense of self as “the witness” or “the observer” – “I-AM” consciousness, Source-essence

~ Cultivate your ability to maintain an internal stillness amidst the chaos and movement of your external life


~ Discussion and Q&A

~ Lecture

~ Meditation

~ Partner Work

~ Breath Work

~ Mantra, Sanskrit Alphabet Study & Practice

~ Subtle Body Anatomy & Cleaning

~ Self – Enquiry & Self – Reflection

~ Gentle Movement & Subtle Dance Meditation

~ Philosophy & Theory

~ Take-Home Practices


~ The Yoga of Mind: 5 Elements & Emotions Mandala (identifying & understanding the deeply rooted fears behind all emotional reactivity)

~ The tantric view on the nature of Mind, emotion (energy-in-motion) & thought

~ Mantras & Meditations for subtle body energy cleaning

~ Chakra Awareness: bhija sounds, colors, somatic experience & perceptual fields

~ Sanskrit Alphabet: Matrix of Light & Sound (its movement through the elements & the matrika nyasa (“The Highest Matrix”) for ascending & descending consciousness-energy. This practice is the quickest way to re-organize one’s energies.

~ Placement of the sanskrit alphabet (Matrika Nyasa) within the subtle body

~ The Tandava (Dance of Shiva)

~ Shiva mantras & techniques to clear the central channel

~ How to increase your vitality and life force

~ How to establish and maintain healthy boundaries

~ How to be in relationship more deeply and intimately

~ How to live masterfully in yourself and in the world

~ How consciousness establishes itself and grows


~ Come prepared with a journal, pen, the necessary props to make yourself cozy, and comfortable clothing to move in.


Entire Wknd (Fri/Sat/Sun) $208.00

Fri only: $25.00

Sat only: $108

Sun only: $108


Many teachings and practices given during this weekend workshop are introductory and preparatory to a 7-month “Yoga of Mind: 5 Elements & Emotions Mandala” Individualized + Online Tantric Sadhana Intensive Program starting Jan 1st, 2017, as well as an intro to a 5-part “Cultivating Emotional Intelligence” tantra yoga workshop series coming to Noorish in February 2017. Come join in this full immersive weekend of tantric practices if you are interested in a committed, individualized Tantric Immersion program for yourself in the new year!


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