Life happens…. Whether we like it or not, agree with it or not, whether we accept it or not – life doesn’t particularly care. Life is just happening. Yet, the phenomena that so many of us get ensnared in is the spiritual trap of trying to control the life happening – giving power to the illusion that you know what is best for you, better than life does. So when perceived “bad” things happen to you, you resist. You narrow your sense of Self, and build arguments, judgements, and justifications as to why it shouldn’t be happening this way or that why, why it is “right” or “wrong”, or dig your heels in to try and keep the rudder steering in the same direction when the wind is clearly blowing you the opposite way. But all you are doing in these moments is blocking grace. Grace is constantly flowing. The only thing blocking your experience of grace in your life is resistance; resistance to Her flow in favour of your own. The closer you can match your flow to life’s flow, the gap of feeling any separation with life will slowly close. You will begin to feel connected and vibrant, in tune and informed, guided, and even counselled. With increased mindfulness, attention and awareness, you might even begin to see how every “road block” you have ever perceived in life was actually the flow of grace giving you a passageway – an initiation, if you will – into deeper spiritual growth and self-realization. And like this, your faith will develop, slowly but surely. It is not a blind faith, but a faith grounded in life experience. The ground of Bhakti, devotion, will come. All that is ever requested of you is your willingness to surrender. She only asks that you let go, listen attentively, and love unconditionally. This is life living you, not you living life. This.Is.Grace.

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