Space Element




Space: Cultivating Love, Wakeful-ness & Wisdom

Dec 8th – 10th

In short, this workshop is about coming home to love; coming home to one’s own full & dynamic spectrum of ‘being-ness’. The final workshop in the 5-Part series, ‘Cultivating Emotional Intelligence through Yoga’, with guest teacher, Amanda Ings; an in-depth & experiential study of the mind qualities & emotional manifestations of each of the 5 elements, from the point-of-view of tantric yoga psychology. The space element is the wisdom of Totality, unity-consciousness, the formless, or, simply put, the experience of the great, vast, impersonal (or Divine) love. Space is both an element in and of itself, and, the empty potential that makes up all the other elements. When this energy is free and moves unimpeded through the body-mind, we recognize ourselves as peaceful, cohesive, expansive, unlimited, timeless, unconditioned, whole, and unified. Through lovingly-crafted yoga asana sequences, tantric meditations, breathing exercises, mantra, journalling & reflection, partner exercises, deep energetic work in the heart, lecture, discussion, and much more, you will learn tantric tools for alchemizing obstructed space energy to move from incoherent to coherent, from fragmented to integrated. Within the space element also lies the most fundamental human fear – the annihilation of the human ego – that we are not what we think we are, and that what we *think* we are, will be annihilated. This generally appears ‘on the surface’, as: numbness, ‘checking out’, obliviousness, confusion, overwhelm, or a very basic and innocent kind of ignorance or denial. Take the primal energy wound up in these mental formations and emotional expressions, and liberate it into a free, blissful and spacious energy – grounded in the simple whole-ness of being. You will leave this workshop resting in the seat of your own direct knowledge and full recognition of the ‘true self’.


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