5-Part Yoga Workshop Series in Edmonton, AB April - December 2017







June 9-11th

The Fire Element: Cultivating Passion, Compassion, & Belonging-ness

Sept 8-10th

The Air Element: Cultivating Trust, Joy & Skillful Action

Oct 13 – 15th 

The Earth Element: Cultivating Generosity, Equanimity & Self-Worth

Dec 8 – 10th

The Space Element: Cultivating Love, Wakeful-ness, & Wisdom



$1008 for entire wksp series (all 5, save $250!)

– OR –

$249 per workshop


Looking to take your Yoga practice to the next level? This workshop series will nourish your asana + meditation practice into a fertile ground for doing your inner emotional and spiritual work. Think of this workshop series as an in-depth immersion into the ‘psychology of  Yoga’… A rare 5-part Elemental tantra-inspired yoga workshop series with guest teacher Amanda Ings, designed for:

1) Reclaiming your power; in yourself, your daily life & your relationships

2) Building emotional resiliency and presence 

3) Increasing energy, vitality, overall health & well-being

4) Avoiding spiritual by-passing

Learn how each of the 5 elements expresses itself from a psychological standpoint; in your mind, your emotions, your fears, and in your organ body. The 5 Elements Mandala is a ‘map’ to understand yourself. When you have this map to navigate your inner terrain, yoga can be a deeply transformative experience. Using tantric meditation & energy techniques, artfully tailored elemental asana sequences, self-enquiry, journalling, reflection & discussion, each weekend of this workshop series will put you deeply in touch with your own wisdom & inner resources, whilst offering a sacred space to turn inwards and uncover any blocked energy and emotional patterning that isn’t serving you. You’ll go home with an abundance of tools and resources to start using your yoga practice for honest healing, self-transformation, and emotional liberation.

Attend the entire series for a complete immersion into this ancient Yogic system of Tantric psychology, or pick & choose which portions of the series you wish to attend (save $250 if you attend all 5 workshops!) All workshops are ideal for those with some experience in yoga + meditation already; this series is designed for those who are looking to go deeper into authentic Yogic teachings, but, will also be accessible for beginners who are looking to study Yoga beyond the physical aspects.

Each workshop includes:

~ several elemental yoga asana sequence practices

~ elemental tantric meditations

~ deep energetic cleaning in the organs

~ intelligent discussion, reflection practices & journalling

~ take-home practices per element/workshop

~ and more!



June 9-11th 

Fri 7-9PM

Sat 12-6PM

Sun 3-9PM

Fire: Cultivating Discernment, Compassion, & Belonging

Fire is the illuminating spark of life that arises from the ‘primordial emptiness’. It is the light of awakened compassion & full participation with life! From its original spark, or the ‘prekasha point’, comes the energy of desire. In Part 2 of the ‘Cultivating Emotional Intelligence through Yoga’ 5-Part workshop series, enter the in-depth and experiential study of the fire element as it displays in your mind, thought patterns, emotions, in your relationships, and in your body. This powerful force of nature teaches us about the relationship we have to desire; a primal force which can either deeply fulfill you, or, consume you. With thoughtfully-sequenced fire element yoga asana practices, elemental tantric meditations, energy management techniques, deep energetic cleaning of the liver organ, breathing practices, yoga mudra, mantra, breathing practices, journalling & reflection, lecture & discussion, and partner exercises, cultivate your inner fire so it may be a steadily-glowing source of energy that sustains and enlivens you, rather than being a consuming energy that eventually will burn you out!

Come to this workshop to explore these themes in your life: addictions, fear of abandonment, isolation or feelings of rejection and/or rejecting and isolating others, exhaustion and/or burn out, co-dependency, unhealthy attachments, the raw energy of desire, and understanding how to maintain appropriate boundaries in your relationships to life in all its forms and enjoyments! Leave with a fresh vividness to the mind, new radiancy in the body, and the emotional qualities of: belonging & connection, sensuality & passion, fulfillment, full participation with life, a subtle refining of how you relate to others, and, ultimately, the capacity for real discernment and authentic compassion towards all life.


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Sept 8-10th

Air: Cultivating Trust, Joy & Skillful Action

This is a workshop for those who love to move and want to experience their own power and self-will! Part 3 of the workshop series ‘Cultivating Emotional Intelligence through Yoga’ with Amanda Ings – an in-depth & experiential study of how each of the 5 elements displays at the level of your mind, thought-patterns & emotions. Come to this workshop to work in-depth with the air element and experience its essential wisdom teaching – trust, joy, and freedom! With quick & spontaneously flowing air element yoga asana sequences, tantric meditations, mantra, energy management techniques, breathing exercises, journalling & reflection, lecture & discussion, partner exercises, deep energetic cleaning of the lungs, and much more, you will confront your inner perfectionist, that pesky inner critic, the over-thinker & the over-doer. Liberate the energies of these tiresome emotional patterns into the ‘free energy’ expressions of trust, joy, & confidence!

Air is the elemental energy that moves freely and spontaneously, of its own accord; and yet, it leaves no trace. When embodied in you, the wisdom of the air is the freedom to take action in the world, without the constant mental activity of over-thinking, over-doing, mistrust, jealousy, anxiety, fear of loss, or fear of making a mistake. It is effortless action, grounded in trust, natural creativity & spontaneity, responsive-ness, and freedom – moving from identifying as the one who is “doing” to becoming the stillness that lies beneath all action & movements. You will leave this workshop feeling fresh, inspired and in your power, confident, and invigorated!

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Oct 13 – 15th 

Earth: Cultivating Generosity, Equanimity, & Self-Worth

Part 4 of the the 5-Part workshop series, ‘Cultivating Emotional Intelligence through Yoga’ with Amanda Ings – an in-depth & experiential study of how each of the 5 elements displays at the level of your mind, thought-patterns & emotions. Earth is the force of nature that gives us our sense of ground, steadiness, support, nourishment, abundance, and equanimity. When this energy gets obstructed in the body-mind, you become rigid, judgemental, opinionated, competitive, needy and/or greedy, unstable, arrogant, or lacking a healthy level of self-esteem and understanding of your intrinsic self-worth. Using steady & grounded earth element yoga asana practices, tantric elemental meditations, energy management techniques, yoga mudra, mantra, deep energetic cleaning of the stomach, pancreas & spleen organs, self-reflection, journalling, lecture, discussion, and much more, you will take this most foundational earth energy and ground it into the wisdom of generosity, feelings of being secure, comfortable & content, and knowing you are fully nourished, sustained, and have everything you need. Work with those old & oh-so-stubborn thought patterns of “I am not enough”, “I won’t have enough/I don’t have what I need”, & “I am not worthy” in subtle, gentle, yet effective ways that leave you completely enveloped in the abundant, warm, welcoming energy of the earth element, illuminating a deep sense of your intrinsic worth and value!


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Dec 8th – 10th

Space: Cultivating Love, Wakeful-ness & Wisdom

In short, this workshop is about coming home to love; coming home to one’s own full & dynamic spectrum of ‘being-ness’. The final workshop in the 5-Part series, ‘Cultivating Emotional Intelligence through Yoga’, with guest teacher, Amanda Ings; an in-depth & experiential study of the mind qualities & emotional manifestations of each of the 5 elements, from the point-of-view of tantric yoga psychology. The space element is the wisdom of Totality, unity-consciousness, the formless, or, simply put, the experience of the great, vast, impersonal (or Divine) love. Space is both an element in and of itself, and, the empty potential that makes up all the other elements. When this energy is free and moves unimpeded through the body-mind, we recognize ourselves as peaceful, cohesive, expansive, unlimited, timeless, unconditioned, whole, and unified. Through lovingly-crafted yoga asana sequences, tantric meditations, breathing exercises, mantra, journalling & reflection, partner exercises, deep energetic work in the heart, lecture, discussion, and much more, you will learn tantric tools for alchemizing obstructed space energy to move from incoherent to coherent, from fragmented to integrated. Within the space element also lies the most fundamental human fear – the annihilation of the human ego – that we are not what we think we are, and that what we *think* we are, will be annihilated. This generally appears ‘on the surface’, as: numbness, ‘checking out’, obliviousness, confusion, overwhelm, or a very basic and innocent kind of ignorance or denial. Take the primal energy wound up in these mental formations and emotional expressions, and liberate it into a free, blissful and spacious energy – grounded in the simple whole-ness of being. You will leave this workshop resting in the seat of your own direct knowledge and full recognition of the ‘true self’.

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