Commit to yourself this year.

 Begin 2018 embarking on an individualized Yoga Intensive Program to create grounded, lasting change in your body, mind, and relationships over the course of only 7 months!

Liberate and Transform Emotional Patterns That Are Not Serving You. Deepen Your Spiritual Practice.

The 5 elements are:

Earth – transforming pride & stubbornness into the wisdom of equanimity

Water – transforming irritation & threat into the wisdom of clarity

Air – transforming anxiety & criticism into effective action / joy

Fire – transforming attachment & addiction to passion/compassion

Space – transforming numbness & ignorance into wisdom / love

When emotions are liberated we begin to touch the pristine awareness in ourselves and live in freedom and relieved of suffering. We will work through the mandala to understand what emotions are and to transcend reactive patterns of emotion and behaviour.


~ Are you ready to deepen in Yoga, self-awareness & self-development?

~ Are you ready to free yourself from limiting thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns?

~ Do you want to study, learn, and practice Yoga & Meditation at your own speed, in your own environment, but still have access to support from an experienced, knowledgeable facilitator?

~ Are you looking for more personalized support on your spiritual path?

~ Want to learn more about Yoga but a Yoga Teacher Training Program isn’t right for you?

~ Looking to gain insight on and untangle yourself from cyclical patterns repeating themselves in your life and relationships?

~ Do you have old traumas and fears that are blocking you from living and loving fully?

If YES is your answer to one or more of these questions, then this program is designed specifically for you.


I can share with you from personal experience how this yoga intensive program came to be. Most of us circle around in Yoga communities where you can attend as many yoga-asana classes as time and your life allow, and attend endless workshops, yet somehow only scratch the surface of the transformational benefits of Yoga. Despite attending numerous Yoga Teacher Trainings, I still felt I was missing the big picture – I would come out of retreats, trainings, and workshops experiencing an elevated level of awareness, peace, and connection within myself – only to come tumbling down from my high horse minutes after entering back into my daily life! I needed something to help me integrate and stabilize the powerful teachings and experiences that were creating these dramatic and subtle shifts inside. Despite all the tools I had, it was only when I entered into this focused yoga-intensive approach that the wisdom I was accessing began to inform and permeate into my everyday life. I saw lasting changes in myself and in my relationships – in the moments where awareness was collapsing and threatening to propel me off into old reactionary patterns and behaviours – I was able to stop, listen, and access new responses to my environment during the critical moments when it was needed most. In my 13 years of Yoga study & practice, it is the very material I am sharing in this Yoga Intensive Program that has assisted the most in creating grounded, lasting change in myself and my relationship to the world around me.


The program is spliced into five 40-day segments with 3 days of rest in-between each:

Jan 1- Feb 9th EARTH ELEMENT

Feb 13th – Mar 23rd WATER ELEMENT 

 Mar 27th –  May 5th AIR ELEMENT 

May 9th – June 17th FIRE ELEMENT 

 June 21st -July 30th SPACE ELEMENT

Practice Material:

At the beginning of each 40 day period, you will receive recorded guided audio meditations & yoga-asana sequence recommendations for working with and liberating each element within you. It is recommended to practice the guided meditation every day for the 40 days, or, for as many days as is accessible for you.

Private Consultation:

At your preferred convenience during each 40 day period, you will have two separate 1 hr Skype consultations with Amanda for personalized support in whatever capacity you and Amanda decide is most appropriate for you. This could be anything from understanding the theory of the practices, to unwinding and identifying particularly “sticky” or “tricky” emotional patterns that are dictating or replaying themselves in your life, to offering extra supportive practices that support the fundamental work you are doing during the sadhana.

Ongoing Weekly Email Support:

In addition to your private Skype consultations, Amanda will also be supporting you weekly via email (1 email per week, or, within reason as deemed necessary). This support can range anywhere from encouraging accountability and commitment to yourself, to answering your questions that arise within the practices, to integration and insight on how to apply what you are learning into your daily life, and, simply cheering you on!

Private Yoga Intensive Facebook Group:

Power in numbers. There is something immensely powerful about practicing in groups, or knowing that you are “in it together”. This private group gives you access to your fellow Yoga Intensive participants — to share your stories, experiences, revelations, insights, growth, and overall support for yourselves and one another! In Yoga, there is a sanskrit word for this. “Sangha” – translated directly as – the body of the teachings. It is with and through one another that the teachings stay alive and thrive!

7 Months of Life-Enhancing Yoga, Meditation & Self-Development Material:

All recordings and materials are yours to keep at the end of the 7 months – with the agreement that they are not to be shared with anyone outside of the program. You can return to the practices time and time again for the rest of your life! So essentially, a one-time investment gives you access to a lifetime of practices. I can share with you personally that I have returned to these 5 basic sadhanas again and again, and there is always more to learn, more to discover and uncover, more to grow, and more beauty, grace, and stillness to experience in myself. So I highly encourage you to go back and repeat the practices throughout your entire life!

  • “Amanda is such a grounding, balanced, inspirational teacher. Patient and passionate, she embodies yoga and the “yoga bliss”. I really enjoyed the 5 elements Lectures which help tie the yoga practice to a way of life and a new self evaluation of inner disturbances and wisdom to self heal in a circle of supportive humans.”


  • “Her teachings broadened my understanding of what yoga is. Her wisdom & knowledge is rare and unique for Western Canada – so refreshing and enlightening!”


  • “Great cosmic connection as always. I always feel more divinely aligned with the energy Amanda presents and I can feed off of it in each session she offers. Always seeking more knowledge, I really appreciate Amanda’s dedication to her study, but also the way she shares and delivers her teachings with such beauty and grace. “


5 Elements Lecture Participants

Why 40 Days?

Sadhana is a sanskrit word for daily spiritual practice. It is said that 40 is the traditional number of days needed for a sadhana to transform all layers of our being – from body to mind through to our entire consciousness. It is also said that it takes 40 days to fully form a new habit, and traditionally, each elemental sadhana is practiced for 40 days for a full transformation.


~ 2 Private 1 hour Skype Consultations per 40 days (10 hrs in Total)

~ 1 Package Of Recorded Audio Meditations, Asana Sequences, And Theory per 40 days (5 pkgs in Total)

~ Ongoing Weekly Email Support (28 Weeks in Total)

~ Access to Private Yoga Intensive Facebook Group for peer support (Ongoing)

~ 7 Months of Life-Changing Yoga, Meditation, & Self-Development Practice Material FOR LIFE!


7-Month Tuition (everything included!)

$360 non-refundable deposit reserves your spot immediately 

$901 due prior to Jan 1st, 2018 (50% of tuition incl. deposit) 

$1261 due by Apr 15th, 2018 (2nd half of tuition)

*** Monthly payment plans are also available upon request.

*** All tuitions payable by email money transfer (for Canadian clients only), cheque, Paypal (with 4% surcharge) or via credit card online.


~ Only 5 people are accepted into the program to ensure maximum support to participants!

~ FREE preliminary meditation and energy practices to prepare you for your 7-month intensive during November & December 2017!

*** This is the first and only time this individualized Yoga Intensive program will run at such a low tuition and small group of participants! ***


~ A well-established, grounded Yoga & meditation practice that serves you for the rest of your life

~ Increased experiences of well-being and ease within yourself and your relationships

~ A much deeper understanding of the how you operate in the world and why

~ “Ecological harmony” in your body, physical organs, and mind

~ Built a home-ground for yourself through your somatic explorations of equanimity, clarity, trust, joy, compassion, wisdom & love

~ A more cohesive and integrated sense of self

~ A maintenance and sustenance program to support you for the rest of your life

All I would like to do is express my gratitude to whatever brought me to that first yoga class where you happened to be teaching.  I’ve learned an incredible amount from you and I struggle for the words of gratitude…I know I don’t offer very much feedback verbally in our sessions but I hope somehow you know what your classes have meant to me…words don’t seem to do my sentiments justice, so I will just say thank you. Namaste.” 



Get Started

The 5 Elements & Emotions Mandala ~ Part 1

  • $901 due prior to Jan 1, 2018 (50% of tuition inc. deposit)
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The 5 Elements & Emotions Mandala ~ Part 2

  • $1261 due by Apr 15th, 2018 (2nd half of tuition)
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What is your refund policy?

~ You may cancel up to 30 days prior to program beginning (by Dec 1, 2017) and receive a full refund for all tuitions paid minus deposit

~ Within the first 30 days of the program, you may cancel & receive a 50% refund of all tuitions paid

Please contact me with any questions about the program.

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