What If You Could Have A Deeper Experience in Yoga?

~ self-development and spiritual growth through Tantra Yoga & Meditation ~

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Power. Stillness. Grace

More clarity. More presence. More peace of mind. 

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A Yoga That Guides You Home.

Truly listen. Truly learn. Truly grow.

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Are you living less powerful, connected and present than you are capable of being?

Amanda’s yoga and meditation teachings create space for you to look at yourself, re-connect with yourself, and release the tension of always being the “do-er”.

The ancient, time-tested practices of Yoga (which includes meditation!) have been long-held secrets for total mind-body-spirit transformation throughout human history. A science of the body, mind, and soul that dates back to thousands of years ago; “there is a wave of Yoga sweeping the world today. It is practiced regularly in over 76 countries and it is estimated that, in the USA alone, over 30 million people have practiced yoga. However, few know what the true and deep meaning of Yoga really is.” (Yoga Documentary, “Yoga: An Ancient Practice”)

“Amanda has a gift in conveying that yoga is about finding out who you really are. I’ve never experienced so much depth in any other yoga classes. She believes it’s possible to wake up through yoga, and she really confirmed that for me. I’ve been doing yoga for about 32 years now. I was always looking for something more and a teacher that teaches you what yoga is really about; that it’s not just about the body. I found Amanda and now, I call her my “Yoga angel” – she’s like a jewel. She has this ability through her Yoga and her voice to put me into a really deep space inside. How she instructed me into the same poses other instructors had before somehow made me so relaxed that I didn’t even crave Savasana, as I do in other yoga classes. I really recommend her! She has a lot of knowledge, and she truly walks her talk. She couldn’t have brought me into these deep spaces if she wouldn’t have visited them before herself. ” Priya


Give Yourself The Gift Of Transformational Education.

Tantric Yoga Workshop

Looking to take your Yoga practice to the next level? This workshop series will nourish your asana + meditation practice into a fertile ground for doing your inner emotional and spiritual work. Think of this workshop series as an in-depth immersion into the ‘psychology of  Yoga’…

1 - on - 1

Receive individualized support from Amanda to realize your full capacity. Get into yourself and out of your stories, old emotional patterns, limiting perceptions and beliefs. For you who are ready to take your transformation and self-mastery into your own hands with Amanda’s loving care, attentive guidance, and expertise.

Online Course

Skillfully crafted courses in Tantric yoga, meditation, and self-development you can follow along with (at your own pace, when you want, where you want) that give you the tools to transform yourself and your life. Watch for the release of Amanda’s first series of online courses coming soon!

When mind is still, then truth gets her chance to be heard in the purity of the silence.” ― Sri Aurobindo

It’s my privilege to speak about a good friend, Amanda Ings my yoga teacher who I met at Gaia Oasis spiritual retreat in Bali. I was fortunate to follow her teaching and enjoy her yoga for more than a month. I delighted in them, I found something very unique in Amanda’s teachings, which in my language is a totality and wholeness of yin and yang. She brought in the aspect of active and passive practice of yoga. Also with meditational elements in the practice, which she calls Tantric. Amanda is a rare jewel and I’m so grateful I found her… Kristina



Thank you for the times during yoga class when you have been so kind and caring and nurturing.  Your love and support has helped me more than I can say in words.  I think of you and your words and your way of being in the world on an almost daily basis and whenever I remember to be grateful, I include your presence in my life as one of the things I am grateful for.  Thank you for all that you are and all that you give and specifically all you have given to me.” Kathy


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